Sensible Wallet Cash Rewards-Leaked

Sensible Wallet Cash Rewards-Leaked

Sensible Wallet Cash Rewards



  • Android Studio Project
  • Registration/Login: ( Facebook, Google Plus)
    • Easily Connect Via Facebook and Google Plus
    • See With Google Analytics
    • Connect Your Account with AppFigures or AppAnnie to Monitor many Networks!
    • Email Can Be Used but it is recommended to use Facebook or Google Plus to ensure that your users are validated: A Registration Confirmation Email is sent to the user as well).
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Integrated with Firebase
  • Integrated with Google Cloud Messaging (Automatically Notify users when they complete an offer)!
  • Many Earnings can be Managed using AppAnnie
  • You Can Easily Rebrand this app, change colors, logo, etc.
  • To get started all you will have to do is change create an account with the implemented ad serving agencies and enter the User ID’s. The developer can assist with this if needed.
  • Country Listing: Easily add countries to the Backend.
  • Daily Check-In – Keeps users coming back to earn. You can set the amount that this is worth in the backend.

★ Unlimited Possibilities This app is limited to your imagination as the source code for the Frontend and Backend are completely open source. You can easily add more networks, offer more/different prizes, target any specific country, run promotions, and much more!
★ Rewards Managed directly from the Backend/Admin Panel included in this auction. Add any amount of Rewards You Desire from Walmart, iTunes, Google Play, and more! User Receives a Notification when offer is processed in the backend. You can simply email the user PayPal Cash or Gift Cards via the email that they provide from any reseller of digital gift cards!
★ Invite Managed directly from the Backend/Admin Panel included in this auction. User shares their Invite ID and are rewarded but only once the user has reached 100 credits so you are sure to earn from every new user you acquire.
★ Connect Managed directly from the Administrative Panel included in this auction. Easily add your backend social/webpages or use them to advertise to attract new users.

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